Stress & Redirection

“Follow your intuition”, “be happy”, “stay positive”.

I’m all for positivity, no matter the situation you are in. I do believe that listening to your body is essential for overall health though. Yeah, sure that might be cheesy and you’re probably thinking, well what does my positive or negative mindset have to do with listening to my body? I HAVE to do what I’m doing in life otherwise I won’t have money coming in, I’ll be heartbroken, I’ll have no friends, blablabla. Forcing yourself to stay in a certain situation that is mentally damaging is proven to physically damage your body in the long run.

Take being burnt out at work, or being addicted to the heartbreak, afraid of being alone. Take being a ride or die to a friend who has never done anything to show you that the friendship you two have is relevant. Am I hitting too close to home? But really, what is the point of sticking around when something is no longer serving you?

There is a term for the study of how mental health effects the immune system. Psychoneuroimmunology. As a psychology major, I took a whole class on how stress affects the body. I’m about to get all nerdy on you but hear me out when I say that staying in a situation that no longer serves you, both physically and mentally, is like willingly breathing in toxic fumes that will rot your insides over a period of time. Dramatic, I know. That’s truly the reality though.   

Here’s an example: You’re in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable with the environment surrounding you. You start to get stressed out, your hormonal acne is getting freaky, your wrinkles make you look like you’re 13 going on 30 (oh dear lord what will you do now, you’re already editing out that acne scar not the winkles too). You have to force yourself to put on a fake face all day till you can finally go home and take your mask off to reveal your alien self while no one is watching. Every morning you wake up with that feeling in your stomach. Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, thank god I woke up with anxiety today!” I think not. By the way, anxiety is heavily linked to heart disease.

Being thankful in life is what keeps most of us going. Counting blessings is an essential daily exercise for me, along with the practice of meditation. If you are feeling some type of way toward your current situation in life, what ever that may be, and you know that you will not benefit from the situation in the long run, cut it.

Let go of what you need to let go of in order for you to take yourself out of that negative cloud. Make some life changes and take matters into your own hands if your body is trippin’ out on you, especially in your early 20’s. If you are constantly having to force yourself into manipulating your thoughts every single day whilst suppressing mental health issues and physical health stressors, redirect your vision in life. You control your emotions, but give yourself a breather and get back on track with what the universe is telling your heart to do. Make your purpose apparent and alive in your head, and don’t lose your focus. Control your emotions and get yourself onto the right direction for your future, don’t suffocate your mind until it fogs up. At that point, you’re only calling for a numbingly bitter life ahead.

Mental health & physical health influence each other heavily. Here is a list of mood boosting supplements that work to heal the body & the brain:

B9 & B12: mood changes, depression, fatigue

Omega-2 Fatty Acids: cognitive functioning, cardiovascular health

Magnesium: mild depression, nerve function

Probiotics: depression, digestion

Vitamin D: anxiety, depression

5-HTP: increases serotonin levels, mood enhancer

Vitamin C: immune system

GABA: stress reducer

This post was written through a *light at the end of the tunnel* perspective. Living a healthy lifestyle positively serves your mind, body and soul.


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