5 Summertime Approved Masks

Summer can either be the skin’s best friend, or worst enemy. I have combination skin. In the summer time, my skin get a bit oilier than it does any other season. It still manages to stay dry underneath all that grease though. Ever look in the mirror after a long day and just think to yourself, “and over here we have a spicy hot pepper (me) drenched in olive oil. Still delicious though.” If you have the same problem, look at it this way. A light drizzle of olive oil makes any dish FIRE. Having a little oil on your face is a good thing. Dewy skin is in. Embrace it this summer.

Anyway, It can get really frustrating having both dry and oily skin. As a product junkie, I’ve complied 5 summer masks that are good for all skin types. They’re all easy to use while traveling too. I have tried, loved, and re-purchased all these masks.

Summer Friday’s jet lag mask

When this came out, I had to get my hands on it. Marianna Hewitt is a favorite boss blogger of mine. I was so shocked a how beautiful this left my skin feeling. It’s a great pick me up when your skin is feeling dry and tired. It instantly wakes the skin up. I use this before any big event to keep my skin glowing. 

Retails for $48.00.

Leahlani Illuminating Nectar Mask

Nectar is a unique illuminating ingredient. If a product has nectar in it, sign me up. It gives the skin a nice glow, but doesn’t leave your skin dewy. Natural looking beach skin vibe approved.

Retails for $52.00.

Zabana Essentials Banana Colloidal Oatmeal Face Mask & Scrub

This is a do-it-all product. The oatmeal acts as a gentle exfoliant, and the banana moisturizes. Keeping dead skin off your face is so important for a clear complexion in the summer. I’m obsessed with the baby-skin soft glow this mask leaves my face looking.

Retails for $24.00.

Use my code PGravityy for 15% off this mask on zabanaessentials.com

Rose Face Mask

This really does hydrate the skin and makes it look even. I have a ton of redness due to my rosacea, and this evens out my skin tone. Using this as an overnight mask is the best. I wake up with smooth skin every time.

Retails for $62.00.

Odacite Synergie Mask

Sometimes a clay mask may feel too drying for those with dry skin in the summer. This mask is gentle enough, providing the same results as a clay mask without the drying factor. It’s great for all skin types too.

Retails for $59.00.


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