I Am…

Pulling ⇝ To draw oneself in a particular direction.

Gravity⇝ A natural phenomenon; A force of attraction.

There’s something unique about those who gravitate toward the vibrations that activate their mind.

Who share their passions with the world through their own special ways to make an impact through the energy they create with their lifestyle.

That’s the beauty of life, of living.

I just don’t agree with the norm being that we can only stick to one dream, one professional goal.

I want to be able to do the most that I can in life, and put my creative energy that I have within me to use.

Society can push that creative energy we channel down, and it’s important for me to stop that from happening as I grow older.

Pulling myself, and sharing that experience, to build a life where I can turn all those dream goals into reality is what I’m gravitating toward in life. 

I am a style, beauty, travel, wellness, and all things lifestyle blogger.

I am pullingravity.

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