Anti-Aging in Your Early 20’s

10 tips every 20-something needs to know about preventing aging.

Today, I turned 23. Those late nights are starting to catch up to me, and my under eye bags are d e s i g n e r A F. Especially if you’re in the corporate world, 20 feels like 35. I feel like I’m getting old, so I decided to share the best tips I’ve complied over the years when I started the anti-aging process a few years ago. Yeah whatever, drink water and stay hydrated, but let’s talk about some stuff that is not as commonly brought up. I’ve put these together through my own research, knowledge from my dermatologist, and my esthetician.


Pack it on. “I don’t need sunscreen, I don’t burn I tan.” Nice try, but the sun is the number one culprit of aged skin. It causes pre mature wrinkles, dark spots, changes the texture of the skin, and it weakens the elasticity of the skin. Using SPF every day automatically sloughs off years of aging. Check out my post about SPF in the menu to the left for more details.


You are constantly being exposed to free radicals in the air, makeup comes on and off your face. The skin is constantly regenerating. Exfoliating often takes off all that dead skin that piles up on the surface of your skin. It’ll leave your face baby smooth and clean so that the products you are using will penetrate deeper into the skin making them much more effective. Check out my post about physical and chemical exfoliation in the menu to the left for more details.


Retinal is one of the strongest anti-aging ingredients. This is the magic cream right here. Every 20-something should look into a retinal product to include in their night routine at least once or twice a week. Retinal is made up of Vitamin A, and aides in cell-turnover. In turn, this will boost collagen production, keep the pores clear, lighten up any scarring, smooth out texture, and maintain your baby face. I get mine prescribed by my dermatologist, I find that to be the most effective form. However, there are tons of over the counter products out there.


Monthly facials are an absolute must for me. I’m a skin freak, so that is one of my priorities. I find that going to an expert that you trust and that knows your skin is so beneficial because they will see things that you may not. I mean, my skin can be clear as day and my esthetician will still find something to pop out. She’s a real one. However, if you don’t have the budget or the time, I would say once every season would be good enough. Your skin changes per season. Giving your face a fresh start 4 times a year is beneficial. I’ve made a few at-home facial guides. Check them out in the menu bar to the left.


Skin under the eye is ultra sensitive. It ages quick. The earlier you take care of it, the better. Find an eye cream or two that you love, and stick to them. Use eye cream religiously every night to keep the under eyes protected. This is the only exception when it comes to staying away from designer bags, seriously.


Oils are so nourishing to the skin. They heal all types of issues due to all the antioxidants that are in them. My favorite anti-aging oil is rose hip seed oil. I’ve put everyone and their mom’s on this stuff. It’s nature’s retinal. Every time I use it, I wake up with radiant skin, no joke.


As you grow older, your skin changes drastically every year. Your skin type is constantly changing as time passes. Targeted serums are helpful in that they will tackle a specific issue you are having. Vitamin C for brightening, hyaluronic acid for extra moisture, and any anti-oxidant serums are my go-to.


Get to know your skin. Figure out what it is that you feel the need to tackle and prevent. Create a morning and night routine that your skin is comfortable with and keep up with it. Consistency is key for seeing results. Do your future self a favor and take that makeup off every night. You may not have that wrinkle or sun spot now, but you will years from now. Create a vitamin routine for yourself. You can easily prevent all that by starting in your early 20’s.


Work out, and eat good. Moderation is always key though, don’t beat yourself up about that piece of cake. Working out a couple times a week will make such a difference in your skin and overall health. I find that when I work out, my skin is not only much more clear, but I’m also focused and positive. Watching what you put in your body is important. I always try to drink lemon water, a green juice, or antioxidant teas in the morning or at night to keep my skin looking healthy. Flushing out toxins is key.


I don’t believe that chasing happiness is healthy. You’ll always keep trying to chase happiness and “find yourself”. I believe that learning to be content and learning to enjoy the journey of life will bring satisfaction. Otherwise, you’ll always question yourself and the purpose of life if you’re constantly chasing a feeling. Figure out ways to manage your stress, and when you do please let me know cause I can’t seem to figure that out HAHA. Stress = hormonal acne. Don’t beat yourself over a wrinkle either, you’ll get one eventually at some point. Just do what you can to prevent what you don’t want to happen to your skin and body. That is what will help you age gracefully.


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