I can’t wait to be in the desert under the palms surrounded by beautiful art work and good music. It’s finally happening and it’s one week away! I can be pretty forgetful when it comes to packing for trips, so I thought why not make it easy on you while I’m doing it for myself anyway. We all know you should be bringing chapstick and stay hydrated; LET’S GO A LITTLE DEEPER. From comfort to life-saving gadgets, here’s a list of tips from a California native.


I just came back from a staycation trip to Palm Springs. The weather was so beautiful there and I think it will be consistently warm throughout the rest of the week. However, the desert winds are unpredictable and you never know when they’ll pick up. Bandanas are the best way to shield your face from all the dust, dirt, and ugly free radicals from making its way through your system. Make it cute and match them with your outfits! Health is wealth when you have a whole weekend to get through.

Fighting the wind, but make it fashion: cool bandanas here


You never know what will go down. Try carrying a spare $20 or however much you think you need. At least if you happen to accidentally lose a credit card, your phone, or your friends (tragic, just find new ones), you’ll still have that cash money to fall back on for something. 

Makeup Remover 

Take care of your skin, it’s the largest organ in the body. Don’t neglect it on a weekend like this. Take off your makeup, it’s that simple. If you know you’ll be too lazy to do a whole routine, pack smart. There’s nothing worse than waking up the next day with your makeup still on from the night before and a zit or two. Do yourself a favor and stay fabulous. The ‘gram is counting on you.

My favorites: makeup wipes  micellar water  cleansing balm

Travel size shower products

You don’t want to sleep with dust on your body or face because that’s willingly allowing enough time for all that to seep into your body and attack your immune system (no thank you). Travel size products are so much easier to take in and out of the shower so you can get your beauty sleep before the next day.


You’re probably thinking ha ha why do I need a sweater or a jacket in the desert? What’d I tell you about the wind in the desert? Unpredictable. It was a bit chilly this past weekend when I went. Keep your eye on the weather app! Just remember, you didn’t fly/drive all the way to the middle of the desert to be cold and miserable. Bring a light sweater or jacket along. Care for your immune system and listen to your body when it’s cold. Tie dye and denim all the way this year!

Festival worthy:  tie dye  cropped denim  

Band-Aids & Insoles

This seems so generic, but there are so many moments where I wish I had band-aids on me. Walking everywhere will more than likely give you a blister or two. Put a band-aid on it and go about your day. Walk as much as you want, it’s protected. Don’t strain your skin when you can easily cover it with a cushion to heal while you go about your day. Make it festive and get the ones with animations! Whatever you need to do to make it so that protecting your skin is enjoyable rather than it being a burden. Insoles will help with all that walking too.

Portable Phone Charger

You know when you’re in the middle of taking that perfect photo and your phone dies? Yeah, me either (at least not at Coachella), because I am holding my portable phone charger tight. you can throw it in a waist bag, backpack, pocket, or even have it as a phone case. Don’t be that person whose phone dies and asks everyone else to use their phone for ‘gram photos. You won’t regret this purchase. 

Charging, but make it festival style: constellation   pineapples   banana leaves   lemons


I just wrote a post on sunscreens I’ve been obsessing over lately. I just purchased a sunscreen for my body that I’m so excited to bring along. I love the convenience and efficiency this product brings to the table with the spray-on cap. It literally takes one minute to do the whole body. You’re welcome.

sunscreen mist magic   SPF blog post

Positive Attitude 

You’re going to one of the world’s biggest art and music hub. Don’t be upset if you missed your favorite artist. Everything happens for a reason, and there’s tons of rising talent. Rising artist puts their heart and soul into a performance. Take advantage of the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and discover new music to take home with you. There’s nothing like hearing an amazing song LIVE for the first time.

If you need me, I’ll either be by the food trucks or at Billie Eilish’s set. See you there!


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