DIY Hair Mask

Growing my hair out is a mission. Split ends, dry ends, oily scalp. It’s seriously all over the place. Although I have curly hair, I’ve found oil blends to be the best remedies for keeping all hair types silky, smooth, and hydrated. Here is the best blend I’ve come up with in my lab (my bathroom).

Avocado oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and peppermint essential oil.

Take a jar, or whatever you have readily available. I usually just eye out the amount of each oil, attempting to put in the same amount of each. It doesn’t matter if there’s more avocado than there is argan, or vice versa. Don’t take it too seriously.

Now that the mixture is ready, put it aside. You’re hair follicles are about to party it up. Take a couple drops of peppermint essential oil and pour a little bit of the mixture you just made into your hands. Warm that up, and make sure most of it is at your fingertips. Put your head down so that all your hair is hanging down, and massage your scalp.

Once you feel like your head just got the ultimate massage and it’s feeling fresh, take the rest of the oil mixture and massage it onto the rest of your hair. Once your hair is oiled up, you can go about your day. If I do this during the day, I like to slick my hair back into a tight bun. If you’re going this at night, take a towel and rest it on top of your pillow before you sleep if you’re leaving it as an overnight treatment.

Peppermint essential oil sounds a little intimidating, but it’s actually so good for your scalp. Here’s why:

It’s anti-inflammatory.

Relieves dandruff.

Increases blood flow and open up the hair follicles.

Hydrates the scalp.

Sucks up unnecessary excess oils.

Relieves itching.

Exfoliates the scalp.

Promotes hair growth due to all of the above.

Why Avocado, Coconut, and Argan oil?

All three oils are extremely hydrating for hair. Personally, I’ve found that excessive use of coconut oil alone can dry out my ends, but I love the way it leaves my hair silky smooth when I wash it out. Adding avocado and argan to the mix, my ends don’t dry out at all. I still get that silky smooth texture, but I find that avocado leaves my hair bouncy and voluminous due to all its hydrating qualities. Argan oil has a ton of antioxidants and Vitamin E, which promotes hair growth. Seeing a pattern here? All three oils are hydrating, promote hair growth, and smell great together. Bringing in all their benefits makes for a power mix.

Now you have the magic sauce. Cheers to healthy hair!


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