5 Tips for a Subtle Glow

  1. Use an oil on your face. Before you apply your makeup, or mix it in with your foundation. This may sound a little scary if you have oily skin, but even if you’re oily, a dry oil will still help to plump the skin to make it look soft and to reduce texture. My favorite oil at the moment is the Mindi Walters regenerative oil. I use this day and night! I apply it as a base before dabbing on my foundation to create a dewy effect. It helps to protect my skin from the foundation when I mix it in with my SPF, so that I have a layer of moisture before I put my foundation on. This helps the foundation to avoid settling into my skin and make it look dry, or define any texture I might have. A good dry oil I’ve tried is the the Ghost Oil from Poetic Blend. This oil is great if you like a completely dry finish when you moisturize. It plumps the skin and leaves it feeling soft and hydrated.
  2. For the most natural glow, I LOVE using Glossier’s topaz stick highlighter. You can use any color from that line that you think will suite you best. This highlight applies so beautifully! The core of it is made out of a waxy-like moisturizer and the outer part is the highlight, which makes the application dewy. It looks so fresh, I apply it on the tops of my cheekbones, a little on my forehead, on the bridge of my nose, on the tip of my lips, and on my chin.
  3. The overall secret to the subtle everyday glow, no matter what skin type you have, is ROSE WATER! NATURAL ORGANIC ROSE WATER. Be careful with which rose water you purchase, because most of them have fragrance in the ingredients. You want to stay away from those because fragrance can do your skin some serious damage in the long run. I would really recommend getting organic rose water, or making your own. It’s so beneficial for your skin. It hydrates your skin throughout the day, it’s anti-aging, and reduces breakouts. It keeps the skin dewy, glowy throughout the day, and it counts as aromatherapy when you need a little pick me up. I get stressed all the time, and ya girl just spritz some of that rose water and it’s all good. You need rose water in your life. Trust me. #1 killa.
  4. Hot water and lemon every morning helps aid in digestion, and it also clears your body from all toxins so you can start your day fresh. It’s really important to eat balanced meals and detox your body from the inside, because that’s what will give you the best glow from the outside at the end of the day. I can’t lie, I love my hot Cheetos, but i really try to eat them in moderation, and watch what I eat (most of the time). I just feel so much better during the day when I drink hot water and lemon, and a ton of water. It’s simple, easy, and there’s no excuse for this one unless you really can’t stand the taste of lemon. All I do is boil water, squeeze have a lemon in a cup, and pour the water in the cup. Boom. Done.
  5. Going off tip #4, I try to eat healthy, and I love to eat healthy. It’s also important to rid your body of toxins daily, and try to create a vitamin/supplement regimen. The one supplement I like to take daily no matter what are probiotics. There are different types of probiotics, but the purpose is to have that healthy bacteria eat up the unhealthy bacteria that goes into our gut due to all the processed foods, and toxins in the air that are constantly intruding our bodies. Just make sure it’s a natural probiotic from a trusted brand, and there is no aluminum in the ingredients list because that can do you more harm than good. The week I started taking probiotics daily, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. Keeping your gut healthy means keeping your skin glowing!

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