Hair styling: Start to Finish

Sleek & Sleepy

POV: you just got out of the shower and you have no idea what to do with your hair. You let it dry half way and go straight into styling with your straightener. My reflection magically shows up in your mirror to knock some sense into you and unplug tf out of that thing.

Once upon a time, I fried tf out of my hair. Throwback to those days. Cringe. Here are some general styling tips to go by:

1. If it’s wet and you’re not in a hurry, let it air dry! The less heat the better. If you’re busy, start with massaging a balm to protect your hair before going in with a hair dryer.

Click here for the heat protectant I use & absolutely love. All you need is a dime size.

2. Once you’re done, go in with a light hair oil on your ends. If you’re not and love to use your straightener to style like me, let’s keep going. 

Click here for the straightener I’ve been eyeing. 

3. Go in again with a heat protectant. A spray would be much better in this case since a balm may make your hair sticky.

Click here for one of my favorites. 

4. Style with your straightener, section by section. Don’t pull or tug. This cases breakage, damage, and even frizz. I learned this the hard way. Be gentle.

5. Use a texture balm, finishing cream, or a light hair oil to finish off. This always gives my hair that luscious lil’ kick. 

Click here for a cream (love this one cause it’s not sticky).

Click here for a texture balm (this one is dry so you have more control with it).

Click here for my favorite oil (smells like honey heaven).

Click here for another fav oil (rose heaven)

Enjoy that hair b cause you deserve it after all that work you put in. 


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