Let me tell you…

I ain’t no fashion designer. I’m just a picky bish who loves a specific detail. 

This post is for those that want something very specific for a special day – birthday, engagement, wedding, etc.

To give you a little background story – I planned my engagement party in a month. In my culture, it’s basically a small scale wedding. I didn’t have much time to find an outfit nor could I find a dress I truly loved and felt confident in. So I decided to create my own, with help of course. Here are the steps I took in detail:

Know exactly what you want.

I downloaded Pinterest and spent days pinning my favorite dresses. I took different aspects from every dress I fell in love with and put together a design in my head. I paid attention to the neck line, the colors, the materials (VERY important), the way the dress falls, the stitching, and the fit of the dress in every area of the body. This is important because you need to have this all laid out before going in to see the dress maker. I screen-shotted every detail I loved on each dress and put all those screenshots in an album on my phone. This way it’s accessible and efficient when we piece together my design in person.

Don’t underestimate your connections.

You most likely have a friend of a friend that knows a good tailor, sewist, or seamstress. If not, you have the best connection right on your phone. Download Yelp and start calling all the places you feel have done an amazing job with other clients in your area and surrounding areas. When you call them, ask how much it would be for the type of dress you want. They most likely will give you their cell number so you can text them the images. Make sure they are open to negotiation and they see eye to eye with your vision. It’s really important that you two have the same taste and attention to detail. It took me at least 60 phone calls to find the right person. Dedicate an hour or two. 

Negotiate honey.

Let me repeat what I said, make sure they are open to negotiation. Chances are they will go down to the budget price you present to them. Let them know you have other events you’d like to work with them for and you’ll refer them to all your family and friends. Always works. Chances are you will be doing both if the process goes smooth. If they aren’t open to negotiations, hang up. Thank you next.  

See your design come to life.

This is my favorite part! Typically the creator has you come in twice for fittings to make sure they have your exact measurements. For my first fitting, the base of my dress was done so I was able to tell her what I liked and what we needed to change for the second fitting. This is helpful and efficient because you can see the process of the creation. It’s so exciting and fun to be able to work with someone who gets your vision! When you go in to pick it up, if there is something you think needs to be fixed, don’t be shy. Tell the person what you want and how you want it. It’s their job and it’s your special night. You want to be as confident with your dress as possible when you walk out of that showroom. I didn’t do this the first time around and I really regretted it. Please don’t be shy. You are paying them to create the dress for you. 

Dance all night and enjoy your dress!

There is something very special about being able to design your own dress. It’s a girl’s dream come true to be wearing the dress she loves and I didn’t want to settle for a dress I wasn’t utterly in love with. If you’re like me and can’t ever find something for you, take matters in your own hands and have so much fun with the process. The last thing you want is to be stressed out about your outfit on a special night. I wrecked the bottom of my dress from all the dancing we did that night. I’m not mad about it. It signifies all the beautiful memories and true joy I had celebrating with my fiancé and all the people we love! Follow me on Instagram @pullingraviity to see the final product.

Get that dress princess. Turn your visions into your reality.


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