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Clear skin, balanced immune system, more energy, better overall health. This supplement is one that I personally can’t live without.

Probiotics have been a big buzz in the skincare community more than ever lately, and I am loving it. They are live micro-organisms that you ingest in order for your gut to stay balanced. Now I know that may sound a little weird, but this stuff has helped my skin clear up instantly, so just hear me out here.

I’m not a doctor, so everthing I’m writing here is based off my own research, but I live for this ish! Throughout my many years of research on how to get clear skin, through trial and error, with all the products I have used, I realized that no matter what I did I needed to nourish my insides before anything. Eating healthy is definitely helpful, but unfortunately even most healthy foods out there are not as clean as we think. Health starts with your gut. Keeping a clean gut, and ingesting probiotics leads to a  balanced immune system, improves bone density, more energy production, vitamin production, helps protect against inflammation that occurs within your intestines, improves digestion, and regulates weight. All that leads to clear skin. Yes, CLEAR SKIN.

Why take probiotics other than all the reasons I listed above? I can tell you that I like to have my once in a while binge on hot cheetos with lemon squeezed on top and jelly beans. If there was an addiction category for that, I would be guilty AF. Luckily, now I’m more aware about what I put in my body, the issue has gotten a lot better and I only binge once in a blue moon now. Most of the food we eat is processed, and that builds up bad bacteria in your gut. Other things that can build up bad bacteria are toxic chemicals from products we use on the daily, the pollution in the air we breathe in, free radicals, stress from our crazy bosses, radiation from our cell phones, etc. Your immune system is constantly being exposed to all those foreign particles. It triggers an immune response, irritates your gut, and creates havoc that leads to acne, an irritable bowel, vitamin deficiency, basically all the bad stuff we want to stay away from. Balancing your gut bacteria keeps you healthy. Probiotics help populate your gut with good bacteria.

How do probiotics help keep your gut clean? When you have too much bad bacteria, it kills the good bacteria. Think of it like villains vs. innocent civilians. Bad bacteria are the villains and the good bacteria are the innocent civilians. The villains come in and cause so many issues such as acne, diseases that can show up in the long term, bloating, stress, depression, etc. When you have too many villains causing too many issues, the innocent civilians don’t have room to thrive, grow, breathe and live their lives comfortably because they’re constantly being attacked. When your skin starts showing you those signs, it’s important to listen to what it’s telling you and go in and do some damage control in the gut. If the products you’re using aren’t doing you good, your diet isn’t helping, and you’ve lost all hope, taking probiotics daily will more likely than not improve your health and clear your skin.

When is a good time to take probiotics? Some say at night, some say in the morning. To be honest, I’ve tested different times and I have not seen a difference in the outcome. As long as you’re taking it once a day. If you’re lazy like me, and you’re always on the go, the best way to take probiotics is in capsule form. It’s quick, and it reaches your large intestine which is where you want it to go for it to be effective.

What kind of probiotics can you intake? Pill form is the easiest. You want to try and take a good high potency probiotic that is 25-50 billion live CFU’s (colony forming units). You can start slowly to see how your body reacts, and then keep moving up based on how you’re feeling. Just listen to your body and see how comfortable you are. I take Garden of Life Once Daily Women’s Probiotics. I personally like these because they’re free of aluminum and other unnecessary ingredients most brands use as fillers in their product that are actually harmful to your body, and they support a woman’s body. It has done wonders for my skin, and my overall health. I’m sure there are other wonderful clean brands out there, but this is the one I am currently using.

Other ways you can intake probiotics? By eating fermented foods (kimchi, miso, sauerkraut). You can eat organic or grass fed yogurt, or unsweetened yogurt. I try and stay away from dairy overall but it’s a preference. Eating fiber rich Whole Foods, and ditching high sugar and processed foods. It’s really hard to stay away from those cotton candy flavored like n mikes, or the crispy cream flavored jelly beans, but your skin will definitely thank you later. Moderation and balance is the way to go. 


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