Missing Things – Quarantine Edition

Book: Jean Michel Basquiat by Leonhard Emmerling

Quarantine can be tough, mentally and physically. Let’s be real af here.

I’ve been overly productive since day 1, but today I decided to slow it down a bit. Something I realized about myself is that when I miss something I get really down and start to spiral into negative thoughts (on some real ish). I didn’t want this to be the case moving forward because it can really wear me down physically and mentally. We all want to be positive and in a good mood, so I decided that I was going to switch things up and hopefully this will be helpful for you too. Gettin’ a lil personal. 

When I feel like I’m missing something or someone and start to feel sad in the moment, I’m taking it upon myself to PAUSE, step outside of my head, and switch my perspective. What can I do to combat this feeling in this moment in an effective way that works for me and that I can apply the next time I’m feeling this way?

I decided I’m going to use my time to LEARN instead of dwell. Dive deeper into what I’m missing. 

For me, today specifically, I miss art. So I decided to pick up a book I’ve had for years that I never actually read on Basquiat who was an ICONIC artist in the 80s from New York (still is a total icon). I obviously picked up this book because I wanted to dive deeper into the meaning behind some of my favorite pieces. Having extra time in the day with quarantine, I finally picked it up and started reading. I learned so much about the artist that inspired me just reading a few pages. 

The other day, I was craving sushi so much and was so sad that I had to cancel my long awaited trip to Japan due to the situation (if you hate sushi like my fiancé, I truly feel sorry for you because you’re missing out). I made a pact to myself not to order food from outside during this time to save money and also for safety reasons. So I decided to watch a documentary I found on Netflix called Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I learned SO much about the way sushi is made, the chef’s personal story, and his passion for succeeding in the business. Not only did I learn more about sushi, but it also gave me inspiration and motivation to dive deeper into my own passion, content creation. 

I made a tik toks that night that actually went viral. Crazy what recharging and taking time to yourself can really do for your career. Check it out here

Had it not been for quarantine, I probably would’ve always just had the book on my shelf as decor without touching it for a very long time. I wouldn’t have learned the art of seafood and how much work it takes to make one of my favorite foods, SUSHIIII. 

With that, we have the time to be creative and change our perspective on how we deal with what’s going on. Turn a negative into a positive and let me know how you’re diving deeper and learning more about what you’re missing on my last instagram post.

Basquiat Book Productivity Planner

Cheers to a healthy mentality and to pullingraviity

x Lena



  1. May 11, 2020 / 8:59 am

    The information that you provided through this article is the same case with me. I am too missing a lot of things because of quarantine. Thank you for putting it together and sharing it with us. Keep sharing

  2. R
    May 15, 2020 / 1:52 am

    I love your positivity in these sad times.

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