No More Blowfishin’

Most mornings, I wake up with a puffy face. This happens a little too often, and I’ve taken it upon myself to name it the blowfish face epidemic. Keeping things a little light hearted around here since, let’s be real, it is not the best situation when you need to look A1. I want be able to see my cheek bones before heading out in the morning so I know where to place that bronzer. I’ve tried and done some different tricks to make the swelling go down.

You think models wake up with slim faces with those 4 AM call times? Nope. These tricks will constrict the blood vessels in your face so that the swelling goes down, your face goes back to its original shape, your pores tighten up, and will reduce redness and/or slight fine lines on the spot. We ain’t blowfishin’ today. 

1. Sleep with an extra pillow, or a pillow that is fluffy enough to where your face is a little more elevated than your body. This allows the liquids to drain from the face to the body.

2. Chugging a glass of water before going to bed helps to keep your skin hydrated. You’ll notice you won’t be blowfishin’ if you’re consistent with keeping yourself hydrated. Your body retains water when it’s dehydrated which is why your face gets puffy.

3. Take a clean bowl. Fill it up with ice cubes and a bit of water. Make sure the portions are right to where the ice will make the water cold immediately. Keeping your hair back, fully dip your face in the water and try seeing how long you can hold your breathe (jk, don’t do that). Just keep it in there until you can start to feel some sort of sensation in your face. If you do this in the AM, it helps to wake you up too, obviously. I know I’m mentally asleep until 10 AM. Sorry boss.

4. You have a special event this week and you want to make sure your face looks prime. Stay away from salty foods, sodium, soda, and dairy. Those are just some food related things that will most definitely give you a blowfish face.

5. Take a couple ice cubes and wrap them in a towel or a napkin. Slightly rub the wrapped ice cubes on your face in upward motions. Using upward motions will give that face lifting effect.

If you like to take advantage of your sleep time in the morning, this is the easiest way to bring down inflammation on a weekday. I pop my jade roller in the freezer to make sure it’s chilled. As I am running to head out, I take it out of the freezer and use it to massage my face in upward motions on my way to work. I usually do my product and makeup routine in the car while I’m getting my daily dose of drama listening to Ryan’s Roses since I have a long commute.

6. Facial massages are EVERYTHING. Take a bit of your facial oil, or moisturizer, and gently massage it into the skin. This is great for anti-aging. Massaging in your moisturizer helps it to penetrate deeper and gives the skin a healthy glow while keeping inflammation down. You’ll notice a difference after doing it often.

7. Vitamin deficiencies are very real. Blowfish face is an indication that your vitamin levels are probably not on par, specifically with Vitamin C. Taking a C tablet every day will definitely help.


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