NYE Look with Dior Makeup

Ringin’ in 2020 with none other than Dior Makeup!

I partnered with Dior to create this easy light NYE lip and shadow look on IGTV (click here). It took me 10 minutes to put together since all the colors I needed were at hand. Convenience is everything here. Especially when you just want to have fun and are in a hurry to head out the door to celebrate, duh.

This shadow palette (click here) is so beautiful and the colors are easily buildable. I personally prefer this because I love a light glam look. You can easily make it deeper and have fun with the colors.

Hold up though…

Can we talk about the lipstick (click here)?! The colors are all gorgeous and are coated with glitter on the exterior (the glitter doesn’t transfer onto the lips – it’s for decor). It’s the best way to polish up a look. Makes me feel empowered and confident.

Happy 2020!!! May the glam gods be with you ;). Keep pullin your gravity.


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