Supplement Routine

As seen on my IGTV here

I recently posted an IGTV about my current supplement routine that is immune boosting and skin clearing. 

I’ve dealt with many different doctors over the last few years and expanded my knowledge on vitamins and supplements along the way. 

I always consult my current holistic doctor before adding something to my routine so we can make sure it’s right for my body. I’ve broken all these supplements in and they are my absolute favorites.

I hope this gives you some value health-wise and sending lots of positive vibes your way during this time! Make sure to watch the IGTV here for more details.

Click here for Magnesium

Click here for Vitamin D3

Click here for NAC Detox Regulator

Click here for Ashwaghanda

Click here for Multi-Vitamins

Click here for Hyaluronic Acid

Click here for Sporebiotics

Click here for Silver

Click here for Vitamin C

Cheers to good health!


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