The Working Woman’s Guide

The Working Woman’s Guide to Keeping Up With Clear Skin.

Attaining a clear canvas is a mission in itself. I mean, it took me 10 years! Maintaining it with a crazy busy schedule? Well, at one point, lets just say I was ready to volunteer myself to the skin gods to throw me in skin hell. I was working day and night, working my a** off for a promotion, I almost lost myself to the grind. You stress, you lose. My skin was, sometimes still is, the real victim of the situation though. I can go on and on about maintaining stress, but that’s for another time (maybe in the future when I learn how to).

There are some skin-rules I’ve set for myself. I even wrote them on my bathroom mirror at one point, yeah I was that dramatic. I mean come on, you have this long journey to clear skin, then you get a full time job and it ruins everything for you. You would be extra too don’t even lie!

#1. Carrying rose water in my purse makes the biggest difference in the world to my skin. It smells amazing, it feels fresh, keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day, and keeps it glowing. It really gives the illusion of a fresh face that just got a glogasmic facial. It makes for great aromatherapy when someone pisses you off and you have to write an “as per my previous email…” email, or when you’re being called in for a meeting that is a complete waste of time and could’ve been an email. You know what I mean?

#2. Sippy cups are your best friend at work. Nominate one of your co-workers to take water breaks. Meaning every hour or so, the both of you force yourselves to get up and go to the water filter to fill up your bottles (Teresa, if you’re reading this, I appreciate you). Staying hydrated is so important for the skin. I noticed that when I wasn’t drinking enough water, I would break out so much more the next day, and I just look really tired. What a difference it makes to have a bottle with you at your desk at all times. Cups with straws are convenient because you’ll mindlessly sip on it till you realize it’s time to fill up again!

#3. Never leave the house without using SPF. Your face should be covered in sunscreen, because if you leave the office for lunch and the sun is beaming, you just bought yourself a burnt golden ticket to aging, and now you are prone to breakouts. Check out my blog post in the menu to the left under ‘Skin’ for more info on why you need SPF in your life.

#4. Retinol, the one ingredient you need starting in your early 20’s. There are plenty of over the counter serums and creams that have retinol in them, but you need to find what is best for your skin. Personally, I get it prescribed to me by my dermatologist and I stock up on them. They are the most effective when they are pharmaceutical grade, and they’re so affordable that way! Using it once or twice a week on clean skin then putting your moisturizer on top makes such a difference. Retinol helps to maintain the fine lines you get from tired skin and tired looking under eyes. It is the number one anti-aging ingredient on the market. It will help to maintain your youthful glow by regenerating your skin cells so that you keep up with your clear complexion, especially after those long working days.

#5. WEAR MAKEUP THAT YOU KNOW WON’T BREAK YOU OUT. I am in office all day, out on lunch meetings, or driving to different cities. I’m all over the place, so I need to look presentable most of the time. If I start to see that a foundation is breaking me out, it’s time to get a new one. Get a bunch of samples from Sephora or any makeup branch and test them all out. See which formula is the least reactive to your skin type, and never let it go. Marry it until you get sick of it.

#6. Wash your makeup off. If you go to the gym after work, before working out, you can use cotton pads and a micellar water. If you go home, right when you get there, wash your makeup off. Having it on for 9 hours is already too much, so don’t get lazy and keep all that dirt on your skin until you’re about to fall asleep. Your skin will have no room to breathe, it’s best to stop choking it as soon as you are able to.

#7. Spot treatment. Those early mornings and intense business ventures get to me sometimes, and I do get some crazy stress pimples here and there. Choose the right treatment for you, and marry it. An affordable and easy option is to get some tea tree oil from the grocery store and dab it onto the zit. It will help to decrease the pimple in size overnight, which is what we all need. Fabulous. Damn I’m on a roll, I’m just going to marry my skincare products, is that weird heh.

#8. Masking! Giving your skin some TLC before falling asleep is the key to maintaining clear skin. Sheet masks are an easy way to get your mask fix in. Clay masks are my favorite, and throwing in a hydrating mask during the week is solid. I sound repetitive, but listen to your skin. If it’s feeling dry, hydrate. If it’s breaking out, detox (The Detox Edit blog post to the left under ‘Skin”). Skin has mood swings too, you’re not alone.

#9. Get your sleep in, invest in silk pillows, and wash your sheets at least once a week! Dirty sheets are the culprit of unknown breakouts. Don’t sleep on sleep, seriously. Your skin cells regenerating activity is at its all time high when you’re asleep. If you’re lacking sleep, there goes your collagen production and youth right before your eyes. If you’re too busy to sleep but you care about your health, reconsider your sleep schedule, like, now.

#10. Create a routine for yourself, and stick to it. A skincare routine, and maintaining that routine, is what’s really going to help maintain your canvas. Listen to your skin, and do what you feel is best day by day. The important thing is to stick to your routine of washing your face, whatever you feel is best in between such as serums or masks for the day, and moisturizing. 

#11. Make sure your phone screen is clean, your sunglasses are clean, DO NOT touch your face during the day, and do your best to eat healthy during the week. Take your probiotics and vitamins. If you are a coffee lover, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink the extra water that is necessary since coffee not only dehydrates the skin, but also causes breakouts.


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