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A full guide on an at-home detoxifying facial. Kick back, relax, make yourself some detox water, and let’s get started!

Skincare before makeup, always! Having a clear and fresh palette for my makeup is the best feeling. When my skin is feeling decongested is when I feel the best, even if I have a pimple or two. If you don’t know what the issue with your skin is, you’ve exfoliated that day but there is still that little something that is leaving your skin a little more bumpy  or irritated than usual. Try something out with me here, only IF your hands are clean, otherwise do not touch your face! run your the back of your index fingers lightly around the areas of your face where you usually have issues. If your skin is feeling a little bumpy, dry, or rocky, you may have some built up dead skin that you should probably get rid of.

I try to go for a facial at least once a month to get rid of that dead skin, and to get some extractions done to keep my complexion as clear as I can. It does get really tough when you’re busy and you don’t have as much time in your schedule. I am always on the go, so it can be tough to squeeze that appointment in, but I am really lucky to have an amazing esthetician who takes clients on a Saturday morning! If going once a month is out of your budget, I’ve mastered the at-home detoxifying facial routine. This facial is perfect for a quick pick me up before the week starts as well if you’ve had a long weekend!

Step 1: Makeup Removal

If you have makeup on, you want to remove all your makeup. This is really important because you need to have a clear canvas for this facial to work and to get deep into those pores.

What I use: coconut oil, or any oil. Oils melts makeup right off my face. I usually do two rounds to makes sure everything is off.

What may be in your kitchen: Olive oil.

Step 2: Cleanse

Just because you take your makeup off, doesn’t mean your face is clean! Going in with a cleanser will ensure that you have a clean canvas. No dirt. I’m being a little repetitive, but I can’t express that enough. If you spill apple juice on the floor, would taking a towel and wiping it off make that clean again, or will it be sticky? I rest my case.

What I use: I am currently loving the Odacite Cleansing Ritual, especially for this facial because it is meant to be detoxifying due to the clearing properties of the ingredients in it. You can use any cleanser though!

What may be in your kitchen: Olive oil. Oil cleansing is great. Massage your face with the oil and take a warm towel to wipe the oil off. Repeat 3x.

Step 3: Steam

Using a steamer is going to really help to open up your pores to help the product penetrate and clear up the pores.

What I use & what may be in your kitchen: I fill water in a big pot and place it over the stove. You can do a nice herbal blend, there are many different recipes you can try that are on Pinterest.

My recipe: Lemon, Sage, Rosemary, & Red pepper. It’s really simple. They all have detoxifying properties so they are going to really open up your pores. I just place my face over the pot about half an arms length away, don’t burn yourself! Too much heat can damage the skin.

Step 4: Exfoliation

Once I feel like my face is well steamed and my pores are open, I’ll use a light scrub to get the dead skin off the surface.

What I use:  I am currently trying out a scrub from Obagi’s line that I’m enjoying. It’s lightweight so it’s not harsh, great for sensitive skin like mine.

What may be in your kitchen: Brown sugar and honey! The best of the best DIY scrub.

Step 5: Peel

That word sounds a little scary, but we’re using products that are not professional grade and are lightweight. This is a chemical exfoliation so it’s going to get deep into the pores and clear out the decongestion that is underneath the top layer of the skin.

What I use: Pumpkin Enzyme Masque by Shamanuti. This peel is so light yet effective for sensitive skin. It’s great if you are irritated and broken out.

What may be in your kitchen: Cinnamon! You can mix the cinnamon with honey, lear it on for about 10 minutes, and wash it off. The cinnamon may not be as strong as a product that is meant to be used as a peel, but its a great DIY alternative to stimulate and clear the pores.

Step 6: Extractions

DO THIS ONLY IF YOU HAVE A PIMPLE THAT IS CLEARLY GOING TO POP OUT AT ANY MOMENT. OTHERWISE, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! You will end up pushing your pimple deeper into your face causing irritation and scarring.

What I use: An extraction tool that you can get from any drugstore.

How to use it: Place it on the just-about-to-pop pimple. Once the gunk comes out, take a clean tissue and swipe it right off. Don’t touch it, it will get infected!

What may be in your kitchen: you can take a tissue and cover each index finger fully to pop it off IF YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY.

Step 7: Clay mask

This is going to detox the living daylights out of your face. It pulls all the toxins, dirt, oils, and evil right out leaving your skin decongested.

What I use: I can’t live without bentonite clay. I get mine from my neighborhood organic supermarket, but you can always order the aztec clay everyone uses online from Amazon! Very affordable, and a skin life saver.

What may be in your kitchen: You can mix this with apple cider vinegar, but I just mix it with water since my face is very sensitive. This step just depends on what your skin can handle. ACV is fine for sensitive skin, it’s just a preference.

Quick Tip: Put this mask on, and place your face above the steamer. The steam is going to help the clay penetrate deeper and clean out even more gunk.

Step 8: Rejuvenation

Now that the skin is fully detoxified, this is the best time to add on your serums. The serum is going to sink into the skin beautifully and work its magic.

What I use: Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum by Eminence. This adds extra hydration to the skin, it keeps my skin plump.

What may be in your kitchen: Spray or dab rose water onto the face and neck.

Step 9: Moisturize

At this point, your skin is probably feeling super clean and dry. Since everything we did before was drying, we need to rehydrate for a glow.

What I use: Mindi Walters Regenerative Oil. This facial oil has the most beautiful and hydrating ingredients. I use oils because I find that they have healing and clearing properties. Even if you have oily skin, this is going to work its magic overnight to soothe, hydrate, and even out the skin. I also like to use rose hip oil as well as it is my favorite single oil to use.

Step 10: Massage

Saving the best for last, a facial massage is a must. It’s like a mini face lift! You will see a difference in your skin if you do this on the daily, trust me. It’s a great lymphatic drainage exercise and it gets the blood flowing for a youthful glow.

What I use: I use my jade roller to massage my face in upward motions.

What you can use if you don’t have tools: Your hands! Just make sure you aren’t tugging at your skin too harshly because that can cause wrinkles. You want to apply pressure in the lightest way possible.

There we have it for the full detox facial guide. I always like to end my at-home facials with a little meditation, some lit candles, chill music, and a cup of hot water with lemon to rid my body of any toxins. If you did this at home, or you are planning on doing it, let me know if you see a slight difference in your skin. Cheers to clear skin!


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