The KOSAS Glow

satisfying face oil drip on the right

Glowy makeup looks are so fun and easy to do. They make your skin look healthy and that’s always a plus in my eyes. I’m also pretty bias and love the dewy look. I recently partnered with Kosas Cosmetics for a Tik Tok video and am so excited about it being live. I’ve always loved how their tinted face oil leaves my skin looking smooth and healthy so I wasn’t hesitant to try the rest of the line. Let me tell you, I’m in love with every product which is pretty rare for my picky self. The concealer is bomb. Liquid shadows are poppin’. Face makeup is luscious af. Don’t get me started on the lip oil.

I created this post so you can have easy access/browse all the products I used. Keep scrolling for the goods.


Glowy look using all @kosas products 🤍 they’re having a 20% off summer sale 7/22-7/26 (cop the revealer concealer it’s bomb) ✨ #kosas #glowymakeup

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Tinted Face Oil (Tone 04)

I rave about this face oil a ton on all my platforms. It’s a liquid consistency that dries well and doesn’t slip off. Buildable coverage and leaves a natural glow. I use my hands to apply this & it comes on like a moisturizer. SO convenient.

Revealer Concealer (Tone 3)

In the video I used this to clean off the shadow to for a cat eye look. I also used it to lift and brighten the under eyes. A little bit goes a long way and it does a great job at brightening the area.

Cream Blush + Highlight (Velvet Melon)

I love all the colors, but the cream palettes stole my heart. So efficient and buildable. Great for every day wear & the highlight goes on beautifully. Smooth af.

The Sun Show Bronzer (Medium)

If you’re looking for a bronzer that’ll give you the sunkissed glow, this is it y’all. A little goes a long way and I love how velvet smooth the texture is. Just makes me want to be on an island. Vibes.

10-Second Liquid Eyeshadow (Globe)

These are pigmented and easy to use. I just drew the shape I wanted with the brush and boom, cat eye. It dries like a powder but is a liquid so you can control the application before it dries. Love all the colors! Copper halo is also gorgeous. Globe works on every eye color and matches everything.

Weightless Lipstick (Stardust)

Love a hydrating lipstick that doesn’t come off after 10 mins. Stardust worked for this look but I also have an entanglement with Undone for every day wear (sorry stardust).

Wet Lip Oil (Jaws)

These are my current bffs. I throw them in my purse cause they’re the best with quick touch ups. Makes my lips look juicy and plump. The colors aren’t extremely pigmented so the application is easy to control. The red tint in jaws was perfect to complete this look, but I also have an entanglement with Dip for every day wear (ha ha).

Hope you love this look as much as I do & keep pullingraviity


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