The Matrix

The Matrix – Pullingravity Edition  

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. This look is so Fall, but I feel the need to bring out my best Fall looks when it’s JUNE GLOOM. A contemporary twist to my cybercriminal persona here (wink, wink). The Matrix was my inspiration for this look. My mood for the day: incognito mode.

What I’m wearing:

Leather coat from my mom’s closet. Can we just take a moment to appreciate my mother’s style back then. Lesson: keep your clothes because one day it’ll be vintage, and your daughter may need it for blogging purposes. You can find similar coats at ASOS.

Plaid pants from Banana Republic. These pants are usually my ‘meetings for the day’ pants, but I put them to use for better things, like a photoshoot. Go me for being resourceful. Clueless vibes all the way. 

Baker boy hat from Romwe. How can one go incognito without a hat that covers your whole face? Exactly. 

Slim shades from Romwe. The main piece, THE ONE.

Velvet boots from Nordstrom Rack. 

Bag from Gucci.

Oh, and I choose the red pill.

This photo was taken at The Lab in Orange County, CA.


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