Ugh, Mother Nature

One thing you and I have in common is that we can’t run away from mother nature sis. Periodttt. Have hope – I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for those terrible cramps.


Heated blankets are SO underrated! Covering myself with a heated blanket at night has helped with overall muscle pain and cramping. It really soothes my stomach. There are also heating pads that you can place directly onto your back or stomach that are just as beneficial too. GAME CHANGER.

Click here for an affordable option – I’d choose the beige faux fur tie dye if I were you. Chic & warm. Goes with everything in my room.


Making tea out of sage or fennel seeds is insane. It’s like a magical potion that instantly soothes the stomach. I personally don’t think sage tastes the the best, however the benefits are SO worth sucking it up. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich, like most teas I like to incorporate into my diet. Sage is just specifically great for easing cramping pains and nausea. Fennel will aid in regulating hormonal acne. I know the pain of that all too well and it has really helped me regulate. Make sure it’s organic and if it’s in a tea bag, plant based/biodegradable options are best.

 Click here for sage Click here for fennel


When I’m on my cycle, it feels like everything in my body is inflamed and at times on FIRE. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet really does help calm the inflammation in my body. In-season fruits (you gain the most out of their nutrients when in-season), avocados, fish, greens, & pro/pre-biotic rich foods like coconut yogurt.

Not sure what to cook up? Click here – I created a food board on my Pinterest. A board for every category, I got you.


I know, you’re thinking well damn something that’s not health-freak-like, finally! Let me tell you, dark chocolate actually has amazing benefits. Not only make you feel better if you’re PMSing, but it’ll also carve your sugar craving. If you have one piece, you really won’t feel the need to reach for that artificial sugar filled cake that’ll inflame your hormonal acne. Sis, I’m telling you, get yourself some dark chocolate (70% or above only – make sure it doesn’t have sugar in it – coconut sugar is fine) and eat a piece every night. It’s also filled with iron and magnesium which is something we should be loading up on during this week. 

Click here for the best dark chocolate, pick your flavor


Good, clean supplements without nasty ingredients. The supplements I take are from brands I trust. I’ve gone through trial and error when trying supplements (picky af problems) and the below brands are the ones that have given me results. I continue to repurchase every single one of these.

Evening primrose – PMS, cramping, flow.

Magnesium – Mood swings, muscle aches, & literally everything. Holy grail.

Hyaluronic acid – Skin, bones, and energy.

Vitamin C – Energy, skin, overall immunity.


I talk about these in my supplement routine blog post. These help SO much. My cycles are easier to manage when I take sporebiotics. It’s still heavy flow, but something about these probiotics really help with keeping my cycle regular/on time. Just a warning though – when you first start taking these, you’ll experience uncomfortable detoxification of the gut for the first month or so. Just make sure you know this may happen. However, once your gut has cleared itself of the bad bugs, it can really benefit your body. 

Click here for the sporebiotics

Hot tip: the brand’s website has a feature where you can find a healthcare provider near you that may be selling them for a discounted price. I get them from my chiropractor for almost half the price. 100% worth the work.


I always talk about doing facial massage for the benefits of skin lifting/tightening. I also have a whole post on gua sha tools. Not only will it help with that, but it’ll release tension in the face, neck, and chest. Lymphatic drainage is going to help get things moving and drain any built up water weight or toxins. Feels good, gets things flowing, and makes your skin glow. I have a few videos, but here’s one to look at for reference


After you’ve made your fennel or sage tea, and had your piece of chocolate, wind down. Getting in your own head and spiraling down a hole of negative thoughts is common. Sometimes scrolling through the phone makes it worse. Do your best to focus your energy on a PM skincare routine or watch something you enjoy while eating the chocolate instead of being focused on negative self talk. Light a candle or an in-scent & just chill. It’s the time to appreciate being a powerful woman that can handle the painful cramps.

Click here for the best non-toxic candles

If you have any tips or tricks to share, comment on this post and I’ll be sharing your comment on IG! 

I got you sis – it’ll all pass (literally). Keep pullingraviity


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